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Lot & Land Clearing

Lot Clearing Canton

If you have an area of land on your property that is full of debris and trash, then you really ought to take swift action to get it clear. While you might just think that the land is a bit messy and not a major concern, there are actually several reasons that you need to remedy the situation – a few of which we will go through below. At Canton Tree Service, we’re well-versed in the provision of lot and land clearing services on behalf of our customers, and they’re always delighted with the work that we carry out in the Canton Ohio region. If you need any of your land cleared now or in the future, please consider our business. Read on below for further details on our service provision, and just why it’s the premier option for such situations.


Wood Chipper Service

If you’ve had a tree fall down or you’ve removed a bush or a number of plants from your outdoor spaces, there’s a good chance that you have a mountain of debris to get rid of – and that it’s in a state that isn’t easy to transport. One solution for such a situation is to bring in our wood chipper service. We’ll bring in this mechanical behemoth and work through all of the debris on your property, processing it down into an easy-to-transport residue that we’ll take away on your behalf.


Professional Resources

You might be wondering whether it’s worth bringing in a professional land clearing service when you might be able to take on the work on your own – and it’s a fair question – but there are a number of good reasons to leave it to a professional service. For one, it’s likely going to be difficult to find the time to remove all of the debris and rubbish that’s present on your property, particularly if you’re doing it on your own. Secondly, even if you might have the time to do this task outside of your regular job, why would you choose to spend your spare time that way? Save yourself lots of time and energy, and prioritize your own wellbeing, by bringing us into the fold.


Fire Risks

One of the obvious concerns with any area of land with lots of brush and debris is that it could be a significant fire hazard. All of the natural material and debris present is an ideal fuel source for a fire, so by getting rid of it, you’re protecting the safety and wellbeing of those at your property.


Pest Control

Of course, the other significant concern that property owners tend to have with uncleared land is the possibility that pests will infest the area. These spots are often warm, moist, and provide excellent cover, which makes them an ideal launch point for any kind of pest – whether it’s a rodent, insect, or bird. You can reduce the chance of an infestation by a substantial amount by getting rid of the conditions that they find favorable.

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