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Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump Grinding Service

If you’re in need of a stump grinding and removal team that has a proven track record in this sphere, then Canton Tree Service is the business you’re looking for. We’ve been providing tree stump grinding and removal services for years now, and we’ve always managed to make quick work of any unwanted intrusions on properties across the Canton, Ohio area. Tree stumps don’t look particularly harmful, and while they are pretty innocuous looking, they can actually have a significant negative impact on you and your outdoor spaces. For further explanations and information relating to tree stumps and their removal, read on below. If you’d like to make an appointment with our stump grinding service, our customer service agents are ready to assist you.


Stump Grinders

Stump removal isn’t as straightforward a process as it might sound. These are very heavy, very large, and often connected to extensive root systems – so heaving it out of a hole in the ground isn’t likely to prove very effective. To make things easier, we introduce stump grinders into the mix. These machines are incredibly effective at rooting out the offending stump, and they make very quick work of even the largest and heaviest incumbents. Mechanical stump grinders work by grinding away at the central root plate, which, when defeated, leaves the rest of the structure far more vulnerable. We have a variety of grinders in our arsenal, which means that we’re happy to help with pretty much any kind of tree stump.


Potential Risks

Perhaps the sight of your tree stump doesn’t really bother you, so why should you get rid of it, when it appears to be doing very little? It’s important to remember that tree stumps actually represent a significant risk to the health and wellbeing of your outdoor spaces. They’re a prime spot for the establishment and spread of root diseases, and they’re also a perfect spot for suckering to take place. Suckering is where fungal growths appear at the base of the tree stump, and these can quickly run wild in the immediate vicinity – which is undoubtedly the last thing that you want.


New Growth

Once you have removed the tree stump from your property, you’ll find that you have far more options with what to do with your outdoor spaces. The land which was previously taken up by the stump (and the earth underneath it which would have had the root system) can now be used for new constructions, the planting of new trees or bushes, and even for outdoor activities.


Better Aesthetics

Another obvious benefit for people who choose to remove a tree stump from their property is that they’ll have a more attractive and clean aesthetic. We work incredibly hard to make sure our yards and outdoor spaces are looking at their best all year round – it only makes sense to remove unwanted presences like tree stumps to keep up that visual quality. Do the best for your yard, and bring in our stump grinding team.

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